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What just happened to Great America

It was announced on June 27 2022 that Cedar Fair sold the land under California's Great America.   The plan is for Cedar Fair to keep the park running for up to 11 years.  They signed a long term lease with Prologis.  My guess is that they will keep the park open while the real estate development is planned and approved.  I have the feeling that will take years.  I feel that Cedar Fair is battening down the hatches for a recession. California's Great America a is under performing but highly valuable assist. I went to the Season Pass Holders Party night in March of 2020. It was clear to me they had big plans for the 2020 season.  I think that was the only day CGA was only for the 2020 season.  It seems like the world turned against Cedar Fair's plans.   There were a bunch of stuff that never came to Great America.  They had only been open five days a week for much of the season.  It seems like they have struggled with staffing.  I have notices the food and customer servi

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