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Instagram Post Cycle

I think about how I select my Instagram photo for my Coasterdad7900 account.  I use a few flickralbums to stage my photos before I post them.  After I post them I post them in a different album.   So far I think I've posted photos from 21 different theme parks and carnivals in 90 different posts.

At some point I decided that I needed to set some rules for what I post.  The number one rule is I try not to post from the same park in the last 12 posts.  Before Shelter in Place I was posting twice a day, but since Shelter in Place I've been posting once a day.  I can break the rule if I'm visiting a part that day or the day before.  If I'm visiting a park I can post a few photos in a row from that park. 

For the rest of the year that means I have 22 cycles of twelve photos, If I post once a day.   I have thousands of photos from California's Great America, Disneyland, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Disney California Adventure, and Happy Hollow.  The next tier down is San…

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