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Will an e-bike achive your goals

I was walking out of work the other day with my e-bike and a co-worker asked me why I biked to work? "Save money, Being Green, Exercise?"  This makes me think of a number of articles I've read ebikes, both pro and con, none of them ask this question, will an ebike achieve the person's goals.  I think this is the best place to start.   

Save Money - Standard Bike - When it comes to total cost, it is hard to save money buying an ebike.  They have a big upfront cost.  Unless you can get rid of a car payment, bus pass, insurance payment, and/or parking payment, an ebike is not going to save you money.

Commute - Ebike - Ebikes are great for commuting.  I am not saying every driver can switch to an ebike, but I am saying if you could bike there, an ebike will be find.  My average car commute in traffic is 30 minutes and my average ebike commute is 40 minutes.  I would not be able to have that short of a commute time on a standard bike.  That would make it harder to choose …

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