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My first real digital camera was an Olympus D550Z.  I bought it because I already had an MP3 player that used the same type of memory card.  It was strange how we made purchase decisions by then. I splurged and bought a 64 MB card for the camera.

One of my early goals of having a digital camera was to be able to fill up a memory card with a single day's shoot.  I could do this with the 4 MB card that came with the camera, (Yes in 2003 digital cameras came with memory cards) but not with the largest card I had.  It took me a few years before I could do this.

Last week I bought a pair of 128 GB memory card at Costco. One for my Canon Powershow SX730 HS and one for my Nikon D5600. Those are the two largest memory cards I've ever had.  I am not sure I am going to fill up one of those cards in a single day soon.  Even when I take my D5600 to Disneyland, I am not sure I can fill up one of these cards.

So now I'm going to use each of these cards until they are full before delet…

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