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How long will it take me to get 100 Roller Coster Credits

This summer I've been going to Great America at lunch time to ride roller coasters.  I usually go there ride one or two roller coasters, pick up lunch, and go back to the office.  I realize that I am building myself into more of a roller coaster fan.  I am getting more used to riding roller coasters.  Coasters that would mess up my stomach last year, do not make me nauseous now.

Starting in 2018 I am tracking my roller coaster credits.  It has not been that many roller coasters throughout my life, so it was easy for me to think back and track them all. I have a total of 26 roller coaster credits.  I will end 2019 with a number around 30 roller coaster credits. 

At this pace it will take me a long time to get to 100 Credits.  I would have to take several trips to get to enough Amusement Parks.  Right now I'd have to take these trips without my family to get all the coasters.  I cannot foresee myself taking a road trip where I get to several amusement parks over the course of …

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