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Taxi services

I'll start with what is bouncing around my head about ride sharing services:

1. I heard a podcast, I think it was Emily Peck on the Slate Money podcast, say if you using Uber or Lyft, you are okay with exploiting workers.

2. I heard someone mention on a podcast, "No Taxi service has ever been sustainable without government regulation of fare pricing." It was a tossed off comment and moved away from quickly. I want to hear more about this.

3. Right now Uber and Lyft have a screwed up business model.  They have been subsidizing the ride fares so far. How does this work in the long run?

4. Uber has to get to driverless cars to make money in the long run. 

I do not use ride sharing services very often.  The last time I used one, I was someplace with no local Taxi service for me to call.  If I am at the airport, I'll use a taxi.  I've always thought regulating Taxi services is a good idea.  I was always surprised the way some of my friends who are very pro labor…

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