Race and College

Over the last few days I have been thinking about the Supreme Court ruling about admittance and race. I really think that the Supreme Court has it right. Race should be a factor, but it should not be something you can just plug into a formula. The college should look at each student one at a time.

I think that many Americans agree with the idea that race should have some input in the forming of a student body. I think that people might see that economic situation might be more important then race. Of course you want to help the members of minority groups, but we want to help poor members the most. I have heard people say that it is not fair for middle class members of minority to get an advantage getting into college.

I do not feel sorry for the University of Michigan at all. I heard they get 25,000 applications every year. Maybe they should take some of that big time college sports money and give it to the admittance office. I think their job is so important, just having a formula is not good enough.


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