Call off the bet

On Monday Sue Bird, point guard for the WNBA Seattle Storm made a bet that if her Assist to Turnover ratio was greater then 2:1 then the Radio DJ would buy season tickets for the next season. If it was less then 2:1 the DJ would get to spank her. There was a lot of uproar about this. Now the bet has been called off.

I understand why the bet was called off, but the uproar upsets me. Here is a quote from the article.

"It helps feed into the images of violence against women and stereotyping,'' Kohl-Welles told Seattle Times sports columnist Steve Kelley. "I don't condemn her. I appreciate that she doesn't have the experience in life that other women have had. But this could be very hurtful. Not just to the WNBA, but to other women and girls.''

When I think of spanking, I think of it as a sexual act. It I was some morning DJ, I would intend it as a sexual act, because sex sell on the radio. It is not a violence issue. If there should be uproar, it should be about having to use sex to sell women's sports.


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