The Dom DiMaggio Effect

I just watched The Teammates from ESPN. It is an hour long show taking from the David Halberstam of the same title. It is the story about how four teammates from the Boston Redsox have stayed friends for the last sixty years.

Dom DiMaggio is this interesting figure to me. He is the brother of one of the greatest baseball players of all time and the teammate of another. He is the link between two of the greatest baseball rivals of all time. Dom DiMaggio was an all-star, but Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams are the kinds of names that other Hall of Famers admire.

With all of that, Dom was able to make a complete life away from baseball. He was able to have a successful marriage. He was a successful business man. Too all accounts he was able to be happy with his life away from the diamond. That was not always true for Joe and Ted.

There is an important idea here. Some men would have been destoryed by having been so close to greatness. There are men that have not understood their own life as well. I wonder if I can find a way to live it in my life.


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