Mac and such

I left my apartment today to go to the grand opening of the new Apple store in burlingame. I guess I am starting to embrase my mac userhood. I have heard that they can big events. One of my friends won the big prize at one of the openings.

I got there and the line stretched around the block. I am more interesing in Apple, but not interested enough to wait in line with 100 other people. I just kept on driving home, taking the chance to listening to public radio.

I am taking one big step toward switching totally to being a mac user. I have decided to re-encode all the CDs I own as AAC files, replacing the MP3. I feel safe doing this because I have the discs and I can always re-encode the songs if I stop using my Mac

I found an interesting blog that is about switching. The best is the parodies of the switching ads. My favorite one is the one about Big Brother switching. I wonder if anyone had made a switching back ad yet.


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