The right kind of sad

I have been listening to Uncle Tupelo a lot lately. They recently re-released their four albums. They are remastered the music and added extra tracks. The albums sound really clean now.

I was thinking about what I liked about Uncle Tupelo. There is something about their albums that really appeals to me. They have a sound which is both sad and happy at the same time. They are both depression and optimism at the same time. There is something for the dark part of me, but it still seems to be good at the end. That is what I am looking for. That is what I think I need.

I am not able to explain what I feel about their music. Take a song like Anodyne. It has a delicate and simple musical structure. It is a slow guitar and steel guitar driven song. Jay Farrar sings a song of lost and heart break. His voice stretching the notes as he sings. I get goose bumps list listening to him.

Two Fingers on the trigger
Can break the heart of any day
Foolish to believe
would turn out okay

I will be listening to this album a lot in the future.


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