Thanks for the memories

This morning I turned on the radio to find out that Bob Hope passed away after 100 years on the planet. I went back to listening to Trace by Son Volt. I just seemed apropos. Trace is a album that is about death. Somewhere along the way the clock runs out. It was something from the department of synchronicity.

I thought back about how I first learned about Bob Hope when I was a child. On Sundays the local UHF channels would play old Hollywood movies. They would play everything from Flash Gordon and Buck Rodgers to Abbot and Costello. There were so many great old movies that would be played. My father loved them so it was cool to watch them with him. He would take the heat from Mom for why we were watching TV and not doing other things.

In that collection of movies was the Bing Crosby and Bob Hope On the Road Films. These were some of my favorites. I loved to see Crosby and Hope get in and out of really odd situations. I would look forward to the part of the movie when they would play 'Patty Cake.' Between Hope acting like a coward and Crosby smooth ladies' man image, there was a perfect mix. These movies are still timeless.

I wish you the best in the next life Bob. You put in a lot of long hours here, you deserve it.

Here is a pretty good list of Bob Hopes best films.


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