Travel Notes 7/11/03

Home and Home

Last week I was talking with Cool Eric about home. He just got back from visiting his family in central Pennsylvania. His most of his extended family is all in one area. They all live within a day drive or Redding. He feels like he is expected to move back there. He feels like the east coast is calling him. He wants to be close to his family, but he feels some conflict because of this.

Many of my friends from the East Coast have told me that their parents expect them to move back there. They are all about my age and have come out here to find their way in the world. There family understands that, but they are still wondering when they are going to come back.

To me, it does not really matter to me what my sisters think. They can think that I should move back, but they have no say in the matter. I understand that they miss me, but they are not responsible for me. They cannot help me make my life. I am jealous that they get to hang out with each other so much, but that is just the cost of living out west.

The only people that I really care what they think is my parents. I feel that I have a strong connection with them. My mother thinks I have to make the world for myself. They do not need me to live close to them to be close to them. This makes me feel good. I think that my relationship with my father is as good as it ever was.

I am not sure where I will end up. I might stay in San Jose or end up in another city. One idea I have is to live in a row home in Philadelphia. I might find my way back here. I might go on to a whole other city.


Last night was my mother's birthday dinner. It was a great dinner. We had two of my favorite foods, corn on the cob and baked potatoes. I really love having big dinners with my family. There is always so much good food to eat. My family knows how to love food.

Dinners are also great because the people. We do not get together often enough. There are so many little conversations going on at the same time. I wanted to just sit and wait to hear people talk. There was just so much going on.

We took lots of pictures. We took so many pictures that we used all the up all of the patience the kids had. They did not want to stand still for the pictures. It is funny to think about all those pictures.

I do not know when I will get another night with my family like this.


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