Interview Game Meme - Questions

Here are the questions for Elkit's Interview of me. I will post my answers tomorrow

1. Do you "pre-blog" in your head during the day, and write it down as you're online, or do you sit down at your computer, and blog what comes to your mind then? Or do you employ yet another method?

2. If you ran for governor in the recall race, what would your "platform" be?

3. Three channels with endless supplies forevermore, and you can pick only one:
- all the music you could possibly want to hear
- all the movies you could possibly want to see
- all the books you could possibly want to read

4. 24 ... naaah, make it 48 hours of blackout in all of California. What do you do? What do you miss terribly?

5. If you could commit a crime and get away with it, what illegal thing would you do?


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