I just made my first purchase from the Apple iTunes Music store. I bought the new Ben Folds EP, Speed Graphic. I like the songs a lot. It was a good idea, because I cannot buy a copy of it at the local record store.

This is not the first time that I have paid for music in a electronic format. I have been subscribed to e-music for months. It is cool because I can download almost as much at I want. That makes it very different then Apple. Anything that I do not download now, I can download later. It is all the same as long as I pay my $10 a month.

E-music also has a different type of selection from Apple. E-music is all about smaller labels. It has a lot of good jazz, punk and electronica. When I am looking for something on E-music, I am looking for something I have not heard before. When I am looking on Apple, I am looking for artists that I know.

Cool Eric objects to the electronic purchase of music because he wants the CD and the CD case. There is something tangible there. There are many times I have clutched a CD case as I listened to a really good CD. When I bought the music it felt less fulfilling. I think the case has something to do with it.

I was missing so much of the experience of buying a CD. There is something about going to a really good record store. You look for a couple things before you get around to what you want to buy. You see things that interest you for the future. Listening to what they are playing in the store. After you buy the CD you have it right there. There is the case, the insert, the track list; so much more room for the interesting stuff. With downloading, there is none of that. No journey to buy the music and no reward for making the journey. It is just missing something.

The other bad thing about it is that all the files are encoded at 128 kbps, I like my files at 160 kbps.


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