New polytheism

I stumbled across They were writing about secularism and religion. Here is my take on the idea.

This is almost like the story of Rome and the Christians. Rome was a multi-religion city. All of the religions where polytheist. They all were excepting of other religions. Under polytheism it is very easy to accept that other religions might be right and your religion is also right. You can file it under "that is right for you and this is right for me." Some people would call this core to Rome.

Under this system the emperor was seen as a god. All of the citizens of Rome were asked to recognize this. All of them were asked to pay tribute to the emperor as a god. I can see this being easy for a polytheist.

Of course the Christians refused to do this. They refused to put anyone on the same level as the trinity. They said that no one else could be God. This is what started the conflict between the Romans and the Christians.

Secularism is the modern polytheism. Instead of the emperor being the god, freedom is the god. People chose the freedom of others over they own religion. That is how you get strip clubs on St. Catherine.

All of this sounds like the values conflict between the west and Iran. I could be wrong.


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