One Voters Opinion

Open Letter to Gray Davis

Dear Gray:

I want to start off by telling you that I am a Republican, but I am not in favor of your recall. I think that it is a dangerous idea. I do not want to have to vote for a new governor every few months. I think that good governors need to make unpopular moves. If the recall happens, I think that it will be impossible to lead California in the future.

With that being said, I have some important advice for you. I am in the demographic that you need to most convince. I have not liked you as governor, but I am willing to vote no on the recall. I think there is a big group of people the line up behind me.

What I want is a reason to keep you as our governor. I want you to appeal to us and tell us your vision for the future. Point out the places where you have provided leadership for the state. Show us how you can make things better for the state. I think that you need a positive campaign.

You need to stay away from going negative. Do not go negative on the recall process and do not go negative on the other people running in the election. Either of these things could sway people in my voting group to vote against you.

When you call the recall undemocratic or an insult to the people who voted for you in the last election, you show a contempt for the system and for the voters. This is California, we like having a bigger say in politics. The people who started the recall were playing by the rules. They did not invent a way to get you out of office. When you make them look like they are playing outside the law to do this, you make people want to vote yes.

Is the recall fair, no but you need to plan the hand that has been dealt you. A lot of the voters have been laid off or lost a lot of money since you where elected. That was not fair for them either. If you look them in the eye and say you are doing the best for California, they will understand you. They will understand that sometimes the world is hard. They will understand that the economy is not all your fault. They will understand there are things that are not under your control.

I am willing to look past all of the things that have happened since you have been put into office. I will look past you spending million of dollars in the Republican primary, all the mis-steps with the budget, the lack of leadership in the energy crises, and the general bad times California have been having.

I am asking for a reason to believe in you, not a reason to not believe in someone else. I will not be voting for the lesser of two evils this time. You are famous for going negative. Please do not make that mistake in this election. It could be bad for the future of the state.


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