Open for Reading

The new Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Library is now open in San Jose. I am blogging this entry from the back for the 8th floor right now. This Library is a joint project between the City of San Jose and San Jose State University.

I just have to say that this building is amazing. It is a cathedral of a library. Breathtaking does not describe it well enough. You get the feeling that the people who put worked on this project loved it. You get the feeling that you are some place special. Right now this place just makes me want to grin.

During the hard times at work, during the layoffs and was when I was not sure what was going to happen with my job, during those times my goal was to last to until the new library was build. My goal was to endure and see what would happen in San Jose. It makes me feel good that I still have my job and I am still living here. That is not true for everyone. I guess my goal now is to stay around until the new Civic Center if finished.


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