Dating Ideas: Circles

Don's idea is that I need to brake out of my usual circle to find a relationship. Since I am about 30 and my life is reasonably stable, I need to find other people to meet. If I was going to meet my soul mate in my usual social circles, I would have found her by now. The people who meet their soul mates in their usual circles meet them by the time they are 25 or so. Since I did not do that, I have to find other kinds of people to meet.

This is Don's theory because this is how he met is bride. She was in the tech world during the boom because there was a shortage of labor. Don would never of met her she kept on working her usual non-profit sector jobs. Don is the kind of person who sets all of his hypothesis on his direct experiences.

My experience is that when every I am looking to meet someone for a relationship, I am always disappointed. Not that I ever meet someone when I am not looking for a relationship. It is just a let down when I try to do activities to meet that right person. I am never sure how people do that mate hunt. Many of them seem to be successful, but I have no idea how that works.

I have been widening my circles, but it is hard to make friends at my age. I know more people then I did two years ago, but few of the people are close enough where I can call them to hang out. They seems to all have little slots where I interact with them. I have a hard time becoming close with me. They need to invite me before in before I will try to get closer to them. If not I will feel like I am forcing myself on them.

Maybe I need to make a radical brake for the type of people who are my friends. The people who are my new friends are not too different then my usual friends. They are not that different then the people I already know. Maybe i have to make a big break to meet that special woman.


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