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I love when I get e-mail from people who read Sad Salvation. I like it even more then when they are people I have never met before. I am not sure what I should make of this letter. All I can say is that I am not sure I will find what I am searching for.

Dear Rich,

I am 23 years old and in the Navy. Like you, I'm a guy looking for answers, but it seems to me the answer that everyone seeks (ultimately) is to not be alone. Take religion. Why do we look for a higher power? Because WE think we want to know WHY. But you've seen Pinochio. When Pinochio first becomes animated and asks Japeto "Why this..." and "Why that...." Finally Japeto says, "Because." followed by, "Oh." But not only do we think we want to know WHY (ANSWER), we want that WHY to be TRUTH. You could ask me, "Why is the sky blue?" And I could tell you any number of answers.... but you're looking for the TRUE one. In life, we are all grasping for the singular gossamar thread of truth... and we are falling, and we slow or descent by grasping at whatever we may, all the while searching as we fall, day by day by day by day. One such thread to me is the concept of "winning and losing." Being how we cannot answer the mother of all questions, simple and yet profound, "Why?" We turn to competition, in sports, in the game of life. The dollar becomes our God, and those who can attain more the higher we "mere mortals" look to them.... until we esteem them with godlike status.... I noticed your web site about Bill Gates. And yet what does Bill Gates, the richest man in the world search for? I'll go on a limb and say he still wants something that for all his money, he still has not attained. We might look at Bill Gates as a "winner" and a homeless person off the streets as a "loser." But what if the homeless person is content (call me crazy)? By yours and my standard, the homeless guy is a "loser" in the game of life, but to the homeless person? To God? Maybe the homeless person has found God... and that is his answer. Bill Gates could very well still be searching for his. Here we are in a world of six billion plus people... and yet we feel alone. Even with things like TV and the internet bringing us closer together, we still feel alone. Some people then, turn to God. And when one believes, as we all have or have at least wanted to believe at some point in our lives, is a feeling of security... that when all of this, this life is over, it will not be in vain. You write, "I believe in the existence of God, but I have not proof. To me this is the wonerful thing about God. There is nothing that can be proved. If it could be proved the world would be a much different place. Even if there was proof out there, there would still be people that would not believe. I feel that I see God in things, like DNA, but that is still not proof." I believe in God too. I have no proof. And when it comes down to it, it is a leap of faith. I believe that in order to understand an infinite being such as God, one would have to be infinite. Doesn't it stand to reason that only someone infinite could understand something infinite? So I try not to ask "Why." even though my heart aches to ask. There is a reason why Jesus, for all his authority, for all the miracles (that I can't prove he did, I'm going faith here.) wasn't God Himself. Jesus was mortal, and though he represented God, only existence and non existence itself, taken into One idea can adequately express God. I suppose if Jesus were to come to us today and say he was God, people would ask him to prove it. Whether he turns water to wine, make the blind see, bring down a swarm of locusts, people would ultimately bulk at crediting him with Divinity. An alien. A mutant. Any number of reasons to explain the phenomenon, all except that he is God. We expect God to be more... as he is... he is EVERYTHING. The proof should be that you exist. Only you can verify that YOU exist. I could be a figment of your imagination for all you know, and so YOU must ask YOURSELF and look to no one else, except as a mirror, for what lies in you. There can be only one infinite being.... infinity is a circle, is whole. So is God. So even as you reflect on these words and take them for your own meaning... I tend to think that God needs the same thing we do. To not feel alone. What is a leader without any followers? Followers without their leader? The answer is alone. I think we give one another purpose... the ultimate symbiote relationship. I don't know if this makes sense.... I guess I write it more for me, and I know I feel better for having written it... as I hope you feel better when you write on your site. But I hope most of all, that you find your answers you're looking for. Good searching.


FC2 Tercero


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