Idea of Love: Dating

I recently used a web site that said that in the whole San Jose/South Bay area there are about 200,000 single women. I put in my criteria for a women. Using the latest U.S. Census data the site figured out that 1 out of those 200,000 could like be my soulmate. It did not give me her address, but it said that she was out there.

How many out of 200,000 single women would a person have to meet before the found that one person that is right for them. This is 200,000 single women using the census data. Who knows how many of them are already in relationships. To the best I can figure out I know some 25 single women living in this area. All most all of them are in relationships already. I know none of them are my soulmate.

I am just not sure how I can meet single women. I am really not sure where the ones that might be interested in me hang out. Maybe I should have a contest. Something like "Win a date with Rich Thomas." Will not be as thrilling as The Bachelor, but you will not have to be on national television either. There have to be some single women in San Jose that are willing to go on a date. For some reason I want to have three women I already know just the canidates and pick which one I should take on the date.

Does this sound like a good idea to anyone?


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