Second thoughts on R.E.M.

In Songbook Nick Horsby writes, "One can only presume that the people who say that there favorite record of all time reminds them of their honeymoon in Corsica, or of their family chihuahua, don't actually like music very much."

I thought about this while I watched R.E.M. I have been listing to R.E.M. since high school. They have been one of my favorite bands. I could mark my life by the albums they released. I know that I could attached these songs to these moments of my life.

When I watched the show I realized that this. I was not thinking about those moments of my life. I was just thinking about the music. That is a good feeling. I have tried hard to not use music to mark my life. For the most part it worked. I think that Hornby is right about how people who love music think about music.


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