Travel Notes: Hotel Evropa

I am staying at the Hotel Evropa. It is an old art deco hotel on Wenceslaus Square. I can say that the place is both beautiful and shady at the same time. It is not really like a western hotel. The show does not have anything around it, you just splash water all over the bathroom. The hotel is a little worn on the corners and that is charming. It almost feels more real that way.

It has an old elevator that has no memory. You can only press one button at a time. After you get to that floor you can choose another floor. It does not have a double door, just the one that opens when you get to that floor. You have to hold the button down until it starts moving.

I chose to get a hotel and not stay in a hostel. This is because I needed some sleep when I got to Prague. I do not sleep well in a hotstel. I am always worried I am going to get stabbed and robbed. It is worth the money to get more sleep while I am here. It is a good base of operation.

I am happy that I choose a Hotel right in the middle of one of the action. I like feeling like I am where things are happening. I like being close to where I am going to be sightseeing. If I come back to Prague I will do it different next time. This was a good choice for this time.


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