Travel Notes: Talking in Prague

I have only had a conversation with one person since I have been in Prague. That was only a short conversation. Usually when I travel alone, I always find people to talk to. I do not know if I have changed or if Prague is different. It might be a little of both. I know I have my head phones on a lot. It still feels different then usual.

The bad thing is that I have lots of questions about Prague with no one to ask. I want to ask them what it was like under the communists. I want to ask about how the city has changed recently. I want to know what how they see there city and what they think about the tourists.

What do they think of the tourists and the ex-patriots that have moved here? I got to a bar where no one spoke english. They looked at me like I was way out of where I should be. It was less then a kilometer away from my hotel.

I want to know some of the secrets that I do not even know exist. It looks like this will not happen since I am leaving today.


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