Travel thoughts

Next week I am embarking on a three week European vacation. I have not been worried about it for a while. I was worried I would screw it up in some really embarrassing way. Something like not having my passport in time because I waited too long. Now I am not worried about those things.

I am thinking about what happened to a women I used to work with. Lets call this woman M. When I first meet M, she was very hard to work with. She was the type of woman who would blow up at people all the time. Whenever you came to her with a problem, she would react poorly. Everything was always the end of the world for her. You were always expecting her to shoot the messenger.

I had been told that she was a really nice person, but the job was just getting to her. As time went on I found out that she was not a bad person, she just had a bit of a hair trigger. At that time M and I would sit around and bitch about the management.

She took a long vacation. I remember that she came back to work and gave her two weeks notice her first day back. She told me that she looked at what the job did to her and who she was when she was away from her job. She said that she was a whole different person away from the job. The job was not worth what it was doing to her. She decided it was the right time for a change.

I ran into M a few months later. She was so happy and so nice. I did not think she was the same woman I worked with before. There was something that had really changed about her. The told me that the long vacation was the best thing that ever happened to her. It really chaged the way she looked at things.

I am not saying this will happen to me. It is just an idea that keeps running in my mind.


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