The Rents

I just wrapped up a visit with my parents. They were here on their way to Reno. My mother is going to a reunion there.

It is always good to see my parents. I just had the chance to hang out with them most of the time. They are not really into site seeing. It was good just to see them and talk to them. When I go home I do not have much time with just the two of them. There is always something going on.

I am not sure when I will see my parents next. I do not plan on going home for Christmas or Thanksgiving. I do not think I will get back there until next summer. Both of my parents are in their 70's. My dad commented on how he has been retired for 10 years now.

I know my parents are not going to around forever. I could be spending more time with them if I lived back in the Philadelphia area. I see them so little because I live out here. If I did that, I would not be living my own life. I think my parents would rather see me live my own life. It is a strange situation to think about.


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