Travel Notes: Travel Time

I figured out a long time ago that traveling is about waiting.

Total Hours Waiting at Stations
San Francisco Airport (2)
London Airport (1)
Frankfurt Hbf (2)
Prague Train Station (2)
Port of Venice (1)
Wurzburg Train Station (2)
Frankfurt Airport (3)
London Airport (2)
15 hours waiting

Total Hours in travel
Drive from San Jose to San Francisco (.5)
Flight from San Francisco to London (10)
Flight from London to Frankurt (2)
Train from Frankfurt Airport to Airport Hbf (1)
Train from Frankfurt Hbf to Prague (8)
Train from Prague to Wurzburg (6.5)
Drive from Wurzburgh to Vicenza (7)
Bus to Olympia (1)
Drive from Venice to Wurzburg (12)
Train from Wurzburg to Franfurt (1.5)
Flight from Frankfurt to London (2)
Flight from London to San Francisco (11)
Shuttle from San Francisco to San Jose (1.5)
64 hours in transit


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