2004 Project Idea (again)

I have been thinking about San Jose a lot lately. I have been living here for more then four years now. It is a strange place to be. San Jose is a real place while Silicon Valley is an imaginary place. Not everyone who lives in San Jose is part of Silicon Valley. They are effected by the forces of Silicon Valley, but they are not all part of it. I think that has a strange effect on San Jose.

San Jose is also an underdog city. It gets very little respect. People in that live in the Bay Area do not like the city. Most people turn up their nose at San Jose. San Jose tried to do great things, but they rarely turn out great.

I have lived in San Jose for more then Four Years now. I feel that this year is a decision point in my life. I should think about San Jose so I can make the right choices. It is something to think about.

I want to try to write about San Jose more this year. I want to look at all the different sides of San Jose. Every Wednesday my picture of the day will be taken in of something San Jose. Even if I am out of town, I will have someone here take a picture for me. There is something about San Jose that I want to pay attention to.


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