Night Photos

I have noticed that I have been taking a lot of night photos lately. This has to do with the early sunset of the winter. By the time I get out of work, it is already dark. I will admit that I really like taking night photos. I bought a little tripod so I could take better night photos.

I have noticed something about taking night photos around San Jose. I feel a little vulnerable when I take them. When I am setting up and taking a picture I am very focused in front of me. I am not always checking around, making sure someone is not coming up from behind me like I would be if I was walking around San Jose. I like the aspect of photography that makes me focus and look for the picture I am about to take. There are few things in the world that I focus on like this. I think it is a very good thing for me.

This is not going to make me stop taking night pictures. My guess is that people are not lining up to hit me over the back of the head with a brick. I am just a little over paranoid. I think it is good to feel vulnerable from time to time.


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