Hanging on

This afternoon I was kept from entering my apartment because there is a man threatening to jump from the New Civic Center. This is right outside my window and the police are keeping people away.

I could see the guy standing there. He was about seven or eight stories up. He kept on standing up and setting down. The building it mostly a frame right now. No one can get close to him with out him seeing. It looked like the cops were just going to give him his space.

I wonder what the guy is thinking as he stands up there. It keeps on getting close to the edge and backing away. What goes through your mind as you stand up there. From what I here, he was there for a few hours. What do you think for all that time. I do not always make decisions quickly, but I do not think I could stand on the edge for a long time.

When I get back to my apartment I will post my pictures of the event.


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