Less Time in the Mission City

I am a little upset that Mission City Roasting Company no longer has free wireless internet access. I think that was a strong point of this place. I will not be coming here as often. There are other places that have free wireless access. I will be more likely to go to those places when I want to sit and write. The problem is those places are further from my apartment.

It is only $3 a day or $15 for a month, but there is a matter of principle here. I do not think wireless internet access is worth paying for. I am not going to spend my dollars when I am already paying for DSL at my apartment. Should not be spending more money to pay for access. I am more then happy enough to pay for food or drink to get the access. I am not willing to pay just for the access. It looks like I will be taking fewer trips to Mission City Coffee Roasting Co.


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