More Test Drive Fever

I have test driven more cars over the last few days. Last week I test drove the Scion xB. Sunday I test drove the Mazda Mazda3 and the Toyota Corolla. I did not know that car dealers were open on Sundays. For all of these cars I test drove the base model with Manual transmission.

The Mazda3 and the Corolla both had almost the same ride. They both very smooth and very quite. The only difference was that I had to almost stand on the clutch on the Corolla to get it to depress far enough to start. Besides that I really could not tell any difference in the cars. I did not get to test drive them very far, but far enough to know they were okay. They both have good power and decent pickup.

The Scion xB was a very different from these cars. It was might stiffer and tighter. It did not have as much power as these cars. It was not as good on the high ways as these cars. It was also more fun to drive. I could see having fun driving this car around the city streets. It also has more style then either of the other cars. It is also cheaper and has ABS and Air Conditioning standard.

Here is the ranking of the cars I have test driven in the last two years.



My foot had hurt a little after test driving a manual transmission car each time. I wonder if I would have real problem if I was driving one around all the time. I think this might have something to do with my size. I have to start thinking about buying a automatic transmission.


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