Baseball and Steroids

It has come out in the BALCO investigation that Greg Anderson gave steroids to several baseball players. Barry Bonds is at the top of the list. To this point every player named in the investigation has denied using steroids.

Over the last three decades the Olympics have been dealing with doping and steroids. To many this is the greatest scourge of sports. This ruins the intrigue of the games. I think Major League Baseball has to start looking at it this way also. Currently baseball has a weak steroid policy.

In some way the BALCO scandal might be the best thing in the world for Major League Baseball. They are going to learn that unless you make the rules strict and the punishments harsh, people will try to cheat. There is too much money at stake for them not to. I think Major League Baseball needs to see hoe damaging scandal can be.

Baseball, more then any other sport, it about records. You can compare all the great players because of the stats. We can see where they fit in history. How does it change history if a player admits to having used steroids in the past? I see some people think that records should be stripped from people who have used steroids in the past. As a big baseball fan I hope that the game does the right thing and makes steroids a thing of the past.


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