The Landscapes of the Mind's Eye

When your mind wonders, what do you see? When I let my mind drift often a landscape pops into my head. An image of a place that I have been in the past. Sometimes it is because something reminds me of that place or a feeling related to that place. Often it is a song or an overheard conversation.

Lately when this happens, I am reminded of Prague. This seems to be the place where my mind keeps on going back to. I keep on thinking about the streets and the views that I saw while I was there. I keep on day dreaming about going back there.

In the recent past I would mostly day dream of Warminster, my home town, or Portland. When I see Warminster, I mostly see the area near my parents' house. I wonder why I do not think of other places I know. I have only been to Prague once, but my mind keeps on going back there.

I want to go back to Europe. I do not think I will get the chance anytime soon. I think the soonest I can go is 2005. I am not even sure I would be able to afford to do it then. There is something about that city that is calling me back to it.

What does your mind's eye see when you daydream?


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