Politics of Clay

I have spent the last two days thinking about the outcome of the national election in Spain. This is such a complex issue. When I first heard the results on Monday I was upset. The Popular Party (center right) looked like it had a good lead before the bombing. The Socialists (center left) ended up winning the election.

It looks like the bombing did not change as many people's votes as it did inspire people to vote. It also looks like people thought the sitting government lied to them at the start over who did the bombing. I had heard that the majority of the Spanish people where against the war in Iraq.

What worries me is the idea that terrorist might think that they have the ability to change the outcome of an election by violence. This is not even violence in the home country of the terrorists. This scares me because terrorists seem to try things over and over again. What will be the next move? What will terrorist do next to get their way? I think people will be deconstructing this even for years to come.

Is something like this happened in your country, would it change the way you voted?


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