Thinking about Fat

I was having a conversation with a friend today. He brought up someone we work with and I told him that I have the feeling that person gets annoyed by me. When I talk to our co-worker I feel that person just turning off. I have the feeling they would rather do anything else in the world then talk to me.

A few minutes earlier in the conversation I had made a comment about my weight. My thoughts about my co-worker disliking me and my comments about my weight started an odd conversation. My friend said that being overweight is the only physical condition that people make a moral judgment about. People assume fat people are lazy or of poor moral fiber.

This made me think about myself in a way I usually do not think. I know there must be people who do not like be because of my weight, but I am not sure I notice it. I know people who I do not think like me, but I assume that they do not like me because of personality conflicts, not because of my weight. I know that I tend to talk too much and I stick my foot in my mouth too often. I would guess that my desire for attention is what really gets on people nerves. I have the feeling that my weight is a subconscious issue with people.

My friend who I had this conversation with has a very high opinion of me. He said that he does not see me as having a weak moral fiber. He said to me, "To dislike you is not to know you." I think his opinion of me might be a little higher then my self opinion.

Here are my questions?

1. Do you notice how you react to people who are morbidly obesity*?
2. If you are morbidly obesity, do you feel people react to your weight?

*100 pounds or more overweight and classified as morbidly obese


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