Time for a Roadie

It is time for a road trip. I am taking a week off at the end of March. Lately I have been having a real wanderlust. The pictures from my trip to Europe keep on coming up on my desktop. Looking at them makes me want to hit the road. I keep on thinking that I am not traveling enough. The pictures just tell me this is true.

I am not really sure where I will be going. Right now going to Vancouver sounds pretty good to me. I have never been there before, but I have been meaning to go there for a while. I still might go some place else.

I think my eyes are hungry to see something I have not seen before. I have not gone anywhere since last October. It is not that I feel that I need to get away. Work has not been that hard on me. I just want that feeling that you get from a road trip.

If you where to tell me where to go from San Jose, what would you tell me? What is a good week long road trip for me to take?


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