Attempted Not Known #10

I want to say again that my friendship with Peter Conrad has no effect on my review.

I recently purchased a copy of Attempted Not Known #10. Like Attempted Not Known #9 this is another attempt to push the boundaries of the art of comics. Conrad has taken a rubik cube and drawn comics for each of the squares. The idea is that you can move around the puzzle and create new comics. You can keep on moving around squares to get new combinations and new jokes.

The concept of is pretty interesting, but the execution leaves something to be desired. The squares really do not tell any real story. They squares are non-sequesters, snipbits of conversation between two characters. None of the three square combinations make jokes or anything you would see as part of a comic. Instead of a comic done in a new or interesting way, ANK #10 is a novelty. It is cool that someone has done a comic on a rubik cube, but it is not something you can read for very long.

I like the attempt to do something new with comics. Comics are something that are in danger of becoming a dead artform. It is important for people to press forward in this artfrom. I just cannot recommend this comic. It is pretty cool, but in the end ANK #10 fails on the level of being a comic.


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