Attempted Not Known

I recently purchased a copy of Attempted Not Known #9. I know that Peter is a friend of mine and a regular reader of Sad Salvation. None of those things effect my review of Attempted Not Known #9.

As you can tell from the picture ANK #9 does not look like a normal comic zine. It is actually a set of twenty small comics. The twenty comics are all about smoking in one way or another. This is an amazing way to present a comic. Peter Conrad is try to push the boundaries of what comics are in a meaningful and creative way.

What I also love about ANK #9 is the comics. They show a intricate knowledge of the culture of smoking. I have never smoked, but smoking has never bothered me. I have hung out with many smokers in my life. In the anti-smoking era smoking culture has seemed to grown stronger and more defiant. Peter finds the subjects worthy of comment in this world.

If you love comics, zines, or alternative media, it is worth buying Attempted Not Known #9.

You can buy it directly from Peter Conrad.

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