City of Music

Lost Vacation Notes:

Portland is the only city I know of that publishes a Guide to Independent Record Stores. There are 31 different record stores on this guide. I wonder how wide of a circle around San Jose I would have to draw before I even found 31 different record stores. I have the feeling it would have to include San Francisco, Berkley, and Santa Cruz. It something I miss about living in Portland

Here is a list of all the music I bought when I was last in Portland.

Pavement - Slow Century DVD
Jeff Mangum - Live at Jittery Joe's
The Decemberists - The Tain
M. Ward - End of Amnesia
Mirah with the Black Cat Orchestra - To All We Stretch the Open Arm
Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight
Matthew Good Band - Last of the Ghetto Astronauts
Neutral Milk Hotel - Everything Is
Microphones - Song Island
The Bens - The Bens
Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered days


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