Party Results

Yesterday was my birthday party. My birthday is not until next weekend. People ask why I have Memorial Day weekend. It is because if I had it on a normal weekend, I would still have to take Monday off to recover. The party was yesterday and I am still not right. It was one of those parties. There are a bunch of stories that I will not tell, but the party was fun.

By the end of the night there was blood spilled and someone in the gutter. It other words it was a typical party. I will say that the most amazing moment was either Peter Conrad's free style rap or Peter and Armando rapping Rapper's Delight. There are big parts of the party that are just a blur. It was a typical party where it started at 3 PM, but the hardcore people were there until midnight. The people who left before the sun went down missed most of the exciting moments. It is the same thing every year at my birthday party.

I am not good at taking pictures at my birthday party. I did not tag someone to take pictures this year like last year. That means there were not very many pictures taken. Maybe that is a good thing.

I did not expect anyone to bring me any birthday gifts. I feel that I am too old to get birthday gifts. Here is the haul from the party:

Poker Nation
Gift Card from Circuit City
Rental of Jerry's Grill and his Grill Master Skills
Large Picture Frame
A Tuna Casserole

Now that I have had my birthday party, the summer has (un)officially begun. I am still not sure what it means to have summer in California. The weather is pretty good all the time so I can do summer things all year round. It is still summertime and I have to take advantage of it.


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