Project Idea - Rate 50 Records

I know a lot of people who love music. It is one of the things that is common between most of my friends. We hear something important when we listen to music. It touches something deep within us. I think it has a lot to do with our friendships.

The other day Jeremy and I were talking about 5 start albums. On a 0 to 5 start scale, what makes an album a five star album? What are the albums you really love and know that other people would love if they heard it? What makes an ablum so good that you want to listen to it everyday? What makes an album a little less good? Where is that line between greatness and just very good?

All of these things are questions of taste. There are lots of albums that Jeremy likes that I cannot stand. I wonder if my friend each rated 50 albums we could look at those ratings learn about each other's taste. Can I learn something about a friend's music taste to see their rating of 50 albums? Does everyone need to rate the same ablums or at least some of the same albums?

I wonder if I could get anyone to do this with me. Any suggestions on what albums I should rate?


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