Speaking of searches

Over the last few days people have been searching my weblog for the picture above. I have had 2 entries before that have pointed to this picture. Because I pointed to the link in the past and not posted the photo, it was broken for sometime.

This post got a lot of comments and people look for the picture from time to time. I think there is something about a woman in a niqab that is so intriguing to American society. For most of America this is such a foreign idea. Most people wonder why would a woman want to cover up this way. We are not a nation that thinks of religious obligations. We are a nation of personal expression.

I think that a veiled woman is a perfect backlash against the way our culture abuses images, espically the images of women. I think there is a growing number of people are joining that backlash. In today's America I think that the niqab is a strong sign of rebellion. I can point to blogs like veiled4allah as signs of Americans that are rejecting typical American values. I am amazed that we are not seeing more women in niqabs in the streets of the US.


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