The Streak is Over

Visual: Me doing happy dance

I went to the ballgame last night and finally got to see the Phillies beat the Giants. The Phillies were 3 and 12 at Pac-Bell Park. Now that they chanced the name to SBC park maybe the luck will change. The Phillies where knocking the ball around the yard. They scored 10 runs on 15 hits.

This is also the first time that I have gone to SBC Park and the Giants lost. I had a good streak of 12 or so games over the last four year. Now I can no longer make this claim. At least the Giants ended up losing to my team.

I went to the game with David. I hope he did not mind about my almost constant chatter. It is just the way I get when I go to baseball games. I am so excited I just want to talk all the time.

I did not get treated too bad by the Giants fans. Most of the know that they usually beat the Phillies. I guess they might have felt sorry for me that I am a Phillies fan. The Phillies do not get too much respect. Hopefully the Phillies can keep on winning.


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