Thoughts On Kerry

Since Kerry locked in the Democratic nomination for President he has been flying every low on the media radar. He is letting George Bush have enough headlines to hang himself. I find this an interesting strategy. It reminds me of the situation where an unnamed candidate will poll really well against an incumbent, but once an actual candidate was named their numbers would go way down. John Kerry has finally found a way to run as the unnamed candidate.

Many of my democratic friends want to call the election in Kerry's favor right now. They keep on telling me that Bush cannot recover from what is happening right now. It does not work that way. What is happening in Iraq right now will have some effect on the election right now, but it is more important what is happening in September and October. With Kerry running as the unnamed candidate it is totally Bush's election to win or lose. No matter what the poll number say right now, he still has time to win it.


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