The Turnaround Road

Lost Notes from A vacation:

I extended my stay in Portland so I could see a musican play. Some time in 2003 Jeremy sent me a copy of AntiFolk Vol. 1. Jeremy knew that it fit my musical sensibilities. One of the songs was about Diane Cluck. Her song was the one that stayed with me. It made it onto my iPod and never found its way off. I most have listened to it 50 times. I looked around to buy her album, but I could not find it anywhere. It was not being sold my any of the on line stores I trust.

I ended up buying her albums directly from her. I bought all the albums she was offering. I have been listening to them ever since then. The music is just amazing. The albums have a real low-fi sound. Most of the songs are a raw combo of voice and guitar. There is something in her songs that get really deep into me. Every time I would hear The Turnaround Road I could not get it out of my head for hours. The song is an earworm, in a good way.

I was bumbed when I found out she was coming to the Bay Area when I was going to be on vacation. I decided the only thing I could do was extend my vacation so I could see her on another stop. I thought I would kick myself I did not take the chance to see her in a small club. You can never be sure how big someone will become by the next time you see them.

It was amazing to see Diane Cluck to play live. She did a great performance. I waited for three other acts to play first. Two of the three acts were not very interesting. The first act was a White Strips ripoff and other act was a guy with every song sounded the same.

It was really worth two extra days of vacation to see Diane Cluck. She played The Turnaround Road and four other songs. I could have listened to her played all night. I guess I will have to wait for another time to see that.

You should really listen to the song The Turnaround Road.


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