What it means to say 'Fresno, California'

For my friends Fresno will always have a specific meaning.

On Saturday I drove from San Jose to Fresno. It is the second time in a week that I have taken this drive. It is not a bad drive. It has some beautiful scenery. The roads are not bad. There is not too much traffic. The problem is that when I am taking this trip all I can think about is my friend in the hospital bed.

When I am in Fresno it is not very pleasant. It is good to see people, but I wish it was under better circumstances. There were lots of times where we would all be sitting around quite. I knew that everyone was tired. We just sat there because there was nothing left to say. I think that we were all tried of the small talk. We were all tired about having to just sit there and wait.

Driving back is not so happy either. It takes longer then it should. Pacheco Pass is curvy and not well light. People slow down too much going into the curves because they cannot see far enough. They brain tells them the curve will be worse then it really is.

By the end of the day I am tried and I have done very little. I am not in the mood to do anything, but tell the people close to me I love them. I am scared that my friend will never be the same again. Most of all I feel guilty for not wanting to be there again the next day.

Fresno will always been about my friends motorcycle accident. It will always be about sitting around the university hospital waiting to see him. It will always be about wanting to be anywhere else doing anything else. It is what it will mean to say Fresno, California for the foreseeable future.


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