Kill QT

I recently saw Kill Bill Vol. 2 for the second time. It is his best movie to date. I cannot wait to see the complete Kill Bill without it being split into two movies. I have a lot of questions about what was changed to make it two movies. I want to see Kill Bill as Quentin Tarantino first meant it.

As good as Kill Bill is, it still has some really big weaknesses. I think that the story telling falls apart from time to time. The characters are flatter then I would expect. He gets into these characters, but they never go deep enough.

I walked away from this movie thinking that Quentin Tarantino should make more movies. I do not think he as spent enough time with his craft. His movies show his huge talent, but they lack the kind of development I would expect a decade after his first movie.

Kill Bill is only his forth movie. As he does not have much of a body of work. I feel that the language of movies have grown faster then his skills as a film maker. It almost feels like there are things missing from this film because he did not know who to put it in there.

Kill Bill is a master piece and a great movie. I just feel that it would be one of the best of all time if it was Quentin Tarantino's eighth movie not his fourth.


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