Moved In

I have been spending the last few days moving. It is not that I had to move, I was just given the chance to move and I jumped at it. It is not a big move. I am just 4 blocks west and six blocks north of where I used to be. I am still here in good old San Jose.

I moved most of my stuff by myself. It is hard to find people to help you move over Father's Day weekend. Everyone seemed to have something planned. It was many, many trips up and down the steps from my third floor apartment. The good news is that I moved into a first floor apartment. The moving in was a lot easier then moving out. My body ached for a few days during and after the move. I started to think of it as my moving workout. A new workout craze that is sweeping the country.

Part of me felt like moving by myself as penance. I guess it is the old Catholic in me. I feel that I have to do something to pay for my sins. I am not even sure what sins I am paying for, but I must be paying for something. I know my sins in my head. I know there are lots of things I should pay for. Most are things that I have done to myself.

Now that I am in my new place, I have the chance to start a lot of little things over again. I have the ability to forget some of my old wrongs and do them right this time. I tell myself that I am going to take advantage of that chance this time. We will have to see what happens.


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