Roland Emmerich Hates New York City

Last night I went to see the Day After Tomorrow. It is a better movie then I expected. The preview made me think the movie was going to be really cheesy. It might be because I was born in the 70's, but I love disaster movies. I can never get enough of actors running in terror.

What I learned from The Day After Tomorrow is that Roland Emmerich really hates New York City. This is the third movie where he has destroyed New York City (Independence Day and Godzilla). I think that he might have some issues. Yes he rips up Los Angeles in two movies.

The Day After Tomorrow is a pretty good movie. You need to go into the movie knowing that it is a science fiction movie. It you get caught up worrying about what could or could not happening in the real world you should stay at home and watch the Discovery Channel. This movie does a good job of taking the weather events and making drama out of it. It is a good way to kill two hours and it has really good special effects. This movie is a good summer blockbuster.


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