Single Excuses

I was reading the web site for the SF Giants Singles Night. I think that this might be a fun event. There are few things better in this world then a women who loves baseball. Women who know the beauty of the 3-2 count have been known to make my heart flutter in the past.

I know it is a terrible excuse, but I do not think I would go to an event like this because I do not have a wingman. I do really bad at events like this when I am all alone. It usually makes me kind of depressed and desperate. I end up hating the event and myself.

The problem is I know almost no single people. I know very few single men and no single women. The single men I do know, I do not know them well enough to suggest we go to an event like this.

I know the problem is how will I ever meet single women if I do not go where single women are. I need to do something about this.


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