Thoughts on Reagan Pt. 3

Ronald Reagan has become an icon to both people who loved him and people who hated him. Like all public figures his image has changed over time. When he left office Reagan had an approval rate of 68%. In 1990-91 I remember people blaming Reagan for the recession. They blamed the recession on the trillion dollar defect Reagan racked up.

It is easy to see why people on the left see Reagan as an icon of everything they are against. Reagan gave new life to the political right in the 80's. He brought an end to the idea that the Government can intervene in a positive way in people's lives. He brought an end to the New Deal era of politics.

Reagan also gave strength to social conservatives. He made it okay to reject progressive politics. Reagan's popularity was a real problem for progressive politics. Reagan was a person who made it okay to love America again. It is hard to say that America needs to change when the other side says it is a great place.

I have seen people's distain for Reagan in the last week. Around here lots of people have bad things to say about Reagan. While I like Reagan, I do not disagree that he did some things wrong. I think the highest on the list was inactivity on AIDS and the CIA actions in South America.

I wonder how time will reflect on Reagan. I think the popular view of Reagan will stay mostly good. I think that is because he made it so people could be proud to be American. I think this will go a long way. Reagan was at the start of the politics of personal attack. There will be people on the left that always hate him. I wonder if Reagan will be at the top icon of what they hate of American Politics.

So much happened during his presidency that scholars will be able to go back and forth on his legacy for a long time. People will always have something to prove their point about him. Reagan will always seen as one of the most important Presidents of the 20th century. The jury is still out if he is one of the best.


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