Thoughts on Ronald Reagan Pt. 1

Ronald Reagan ended up dying on my birthday. I guess I will always remember that one. The 1980 election was the first election I remember. My parents are old school republicans. My next door neighbors were democrats. The neighbor kids treated it was a sporting contest. They acted like their favorite sports team had lost when Reagan beat Carter.

My 3rd grade teacher was so happy that Reagan won. She did a whole day on Reagan, the day he was inaugurated. I remember as a 3rd grader learning about all Reagan's Cabinet secretaries. Lots of what she said went way over our heads.

Today I have heard a lot of people reflect on Reagan. I have heard lots of people call him an American Optimist. It is interesting to hear people call him that. Many of those people said that there was something about optimism that is quintessential to the American spirit.

It is clearly true that Reagan was that Optimist.. There was something about that optimism that informed his presidency. After the 70's, a decade where it got almost as bad as it could for America, Reagan was saying it is okay to be American. I think this has a lot to do with the way people view him today.


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