Vacation Day 5

I drove in Philadelphia before I left for Harrisburg today. I had to take Angela something she left in my car last night. I drove through down Broad Street through North Philadelphia. I used to make this ride all the time. I think that there is something strangely attractive in rundown urban areas. I know I would not feel that way if I lived in that neighborhood. I think there is something very real about North Philadelphia that other places do not have.

After heading away from Center City, I took a small detour before heading to Harrisburg. I drove down City Line Ave and out Lancaster Ave past Villanova. There used to be two great CD stores on Lancaster Ave. They were great places to get rare singles and bootlegs. I guess this is only the course of change. The rest of the area looked unchanged. I guess change happens in those small waves so most people do not notice.

The truth of the matter is that these places I used to go have no trace of me. I carry these places along with me and I some how they still exist with me. The people is that I do not exist with the places. Those places hold no trace of me. As soon as I leave, I might have been gone forever. I felt this way all the way on my drive to Harrisburg


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