Does what ever a spider can

I saw Spider-Man 2 tonight. I liked it a lot, but that might be because I am still a comic book geek at heart. I like how much the people who made it really love the comics. You can tell that Sam Raimi and Michael Chabon thought about Spider-man and really tried to put him in his world instead of drawing him out into the real world. I think that is why many comic book movies fail.

There are a few visual things in this movie that really struck me. I noticed how they treated New York differently while Spider-man was swinging around. In the first movie Spider-man looked out of place because he looked computer animated and the building looked real. When he was going from building to building in the daytime, the buildings looked more softer, they were more painted then real this time. I think this helped Spider-man look more in place this time.

I was also stuck by how many classic horror movie shots Sam Raimi was able to slip in. He must have had more of a free hand in this movie. He treated Doc Ock more like a monster then a villain at times. I did like the way the treated Doc Ock's tentacles. They made them really scary having their own mind.

What I really like about this movie, is the connection between Spider-man and New York City. When I was reading the Spider-man comic, I always thought Spider-man was the most New York of all the heroes. I liked that the movie really played on this. They showed the New Yorkers really love him. That is how it should be. It makes the movie better that it is there.

In the end, what I love about Spider-Man is Peter Parker. This movie was more about Peter Parker then Spider-man. Peter Parker really gets tons heaped on him in this movie. Peter Parker can kick anyone's ass if he wanted to, but he cannot pay the rent. That is what Stan Lee did right with Spider-man back at the beginning. It is not about the hero but about the man.


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